Watching House season five, episode where the kid has XXY chromosomes and the parents have been lying to him that he’s a normal boy for thirteen years while pumping him full of testosterone.

Gender is an odd, tricky thing. Not because we internally make it that way… not until society says we have to, anyway. I’m an odd gender twist myself, though I didn’t realize it until rather recently.

My mind wandered down this road because if a kid wants to be a boy or a girl, I’m of the opinion it shouldn’t matter. Why should it matter if an individual with a penis wears a skirt, likes dance? What does it matter? Why should you have to have a clearly defined gender? I know that having a biological problem like this kid does can cause all sorts of health problems, sure. But on the question of assigning sex at birth… aside from the “why don’t I fit in the binary?” question, I don’t see why it matters. Probably because I object to the binary as defined by society, not science.

We have come a long way, of course. Women can wear pants. But if a man wants to do ballet, cheerleading, be a stay at home dad, or something else “emasculating” we mock him. A woman doesn’t want kids, or puts her relationship with her husband/wife above her kids, or generally isn’t catering to her kids’ every whim, we mock her. Why? Why does it matter?

Yes, yes, biology defines certain roles. Men and women’s brains are wired differently. However, when we come across an exception to the rule, why does it matter? Because it’s abnormal?

People hate what they don’t understand, that’s all I’ve got. They dislike things that go against the norm. It takes some sort of brain capacity to try to realize not everyone is just like you. It takes valuable time you could be devoting to picturing your boss’s wife/husband naked or thinking about if Brad and Angelina are broken up yet. Such a pain in the ass. Plus, if a woman can be masculine, or a man feminine, it threatens YOU if you identify as one of those. Why? I’m still working that one out. Best I’ve got is that no one wants to think that a man can make a better cherry pie or that a woman can build a better Chevy. However, if that person, while they don’t fit the genetic map of male or female, but identify as a man or woman, is it still a problem? Yes. Why? The impression is that sex and gender should be the same. Is this the way it should be? Is this right? In most cases, probably, but in some it is not. Should we update the rule to suit the minority? Maybe not, since it’s most often true. But if we come across and exception to that rule, then we should accept that it is an exception and go on, not try to mash that exception into the same hole we put everyone else in and hit it when it doesn’t fit.