I love the internet, and today I’m reminded of why. Everyone isn’t American here. On the front page of WordPress, there was ONE mention of what anniversary is occurring today in America, which is a stark contrast to the world I’ve been living in for the past month:

Watch the first ten seconds. I’d hate to spoil it for you. The rest is hilarious too, but that’s all you need.

Now, I don’t respond well to bullshit, and that’s what all this “patriotism” is. How was your life really affected that day? It became more of a pain in the ass to fly.

That’s it.

Nothing else, unless you were in that event or knew someone in it.

So shut the hell up with your “patriotism” and “remembrance.” I’m not patriotic, I’m not going to lie. I don’t have particular pride in my country, nor do I believe any country is really worse than my country. It’s a place to live. If I was patriotic as these people claim to be, I’d enlist. I’d  be out busting my ass for my country. But I’m not. Neither are they.

I understand that the event shook America to the core, that thousands of lives were meaninglessly destroyed, I understand that rallying together after a crisis of this magnitude is better than the alternative of panic. The issue is that the tragedy is exploited, used to fuel political campaigns, used for public relations boosts, used as gruesome shock entertainment, as a real life horror movie to drive up ratings.

Take a moment of silence to reflect. Light a candle for their souls, if that helps you– If you’re still grieving, grieve however helps you without hurting yourself or anyone else. After that moment, get up and move on. Watch some cute cat videos. Figure out what political party you support. Go make some art. Go kiss someone, just be sure they don’t mind first.

But do not take up my television, radio, workplace, and streets with false sympathy for people you never knew and never will know, claiming that it is patriotic.I’m fairly confident they wouldn’t want your bullshit and neither do I. It doesn’t change what happened, and it doesn’t change that you’re only caring because you’re forcing yourself to manufacture sympathy for some particular end. It is not patriotism or honoring the dead. It’s bullshit.

VIVA LA INTERNETS, the only place where it’s okay to be what people consider being an asshole, so long as it’s true or a convincing facsimile. No one set of mores holds true here.

This announcement brought to you by my annoyance. Have some wonder at the world instead of fear and manufactured sympathy, and remember there is something outside of here…